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Written In Blood is the 2nd Episode Overall. 


Midsomer Worthy Writers' Circle gather together to think of an author that could visit them and discuss their books. The name of this famous writer is Max Jennings, but the group's secretary Gerald Hadleigh seems far from happy. However Jennings is asked and astonishingly, given his fame, accepts; but the morning after the group meets Jennings, Gerald is found murdered. DCI Barnaby and Sergeant Troy try to delve into the private life of Hadleigh but their investigation is scuppered by the fact that Max Jennings has disappeared.


DCI Tom Barnaby

Joyce Barnaby

Cully Barnaby

DS Gavin Troy

Dr. George Bullard

PC Kevin Angel

James Jocelyne

Mrs. Bundy

Guest Cast: Actors and Actresses

  • Amy Lyddiard-Joanna David
  • Ralph Lyddiard 
  • Sebastian Lyddiard 
  • Edward Lyddiard 
  • William Lyddiard 
  • George Lyddiard 
  • Herbert Lyddiard 
  • Henry Lyddiard 
  • Miss Planter-Jacqueline Morgan
  • Mr. Belgrove-John Bardon
  • Mr. Baker-Brian Parr
  • Barman-Bryan Burdon
  • Dr. Preston