Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

While visiting her friend Marjorie Attfield, Miss Marple learns that her son Bobby had recently found a body, identified as a Mr. Pritchard, on the cliff side. He's received a letter asking him to appear at the enquiry but it seems to be a wild goose chase meant to keep him away from the real enquiry taking place elsewhere. Now accompanied by a friend, Frankie Derwent, they trace the dead man to nearby Castle Savage, home to a dysfunctional family with great deal of money. The family patriarch, Jack Savage, had died not long ago and the dead man had some connection to the Savages. But what is the key to solving the mystery of Pritchard's last words to Bobby as he lay dying: "Why didn't they ask Evans?".


Miss Jane Marple

Guest Stars:

  • Robert Attfield-Sean Biggerstaff
  • Marjorie Attfield-Helen Lederer
  • Frankie Derwant-Georgia Tennant
  • Sylvia Savage-Sarah Ridgeway/Samantha Bond
  • Dorothy Savage-Hannah Murray
  • Tom Savage-Freddie Fox
  • George Savage-Basher Savage
  • Jack Savage-Rupert Savage
  • Dr. Alec Nicholson-Rik Mayall
  • Moira Nicholson-Natalie Dormer
  • Roger Bassington-Rafe Spall
  • Comm. Peters-Warren Clarke
  • Lord Claude Arthur Evans-Mark Williams
  • Wilson-Richard Briers
  • Florence-Siwan Morris
  • John Carstairs-John Buchanan