Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

A TV news presenter is found dead in her pool at home. DI Neville Parker is convinced her co-host is responsible. But given he was live on air at the time, how could he have done it? The return of an experienced sergeant to the island could be just what Neville needs to crack the case.


DI Neville Parker

DS Florence Cassell

Sgt. JP Hooper

Comm. Selwyn Patterson

Catherine Bordey

Madeleine Dumas-Mentioned

Ruby Patterson-Mentioned

Harry the Lizard

Guest Stars:

  • Garfield Tourné-Patrick Robinson
  • Helene Tourné-Shalisha James-Davis
  • Benny Morgan-Ike Bennett
  • Henri Pigal-Serge Hazanavicius
  • Melanie Sharpe-Eleanor Fanyinka
  • Elmina Blondeau-Franc Ashman
  • Audrey


Return of DS Florence Cassell & JP Hooper is Made Sgt..