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The Straw Woman is the 6th episode Of Series Seven and the 34th Episode Overall.


The revival of a pagan festival that includes setting fire to a straw woman in effigy ends in tragedy when the church's curate is burned alive inside. The community quickly turns against the bonfire's organiser, school teacher Liz Francis but the curate had also been in conflict with pornographer Alan Clifford Severed pigs' heads, spontaneous human combustion and accusations of witchcraft complicate a case that ends in tragedy.


  • DCI Tom Barnaby
  • Joyce Barnaby
  • Cully Barnaby
  • DS Daniel Scott
  • WPC Julie
  • Dr. George Bullard

Guest Cast:                                                         Actors & Actresses

  • Alan Clifford-Keith Barron
  • Josephine ''Jo'' Clifford-Jemima Cooper
  • Agnes Waterhouse-Maggie O'Neill
  • Elizabeth ''Liz'' Francis-Susannah Wise
  • Dr. John Cole-Richard Cordery
  • Matthew Cole-Daniel Weyman
  • Mrs. Cole
  • Margaret Hopkins-Richenda Carey
  • Rev. Jim Hale-Jonathan Hackett
  • Kate Malpas-Kelly Hunter
  • Katherine Malpas
  • Sally Middleton-Caroline Lintott
  • Lucy Middleton-Madeleine Rakic-Platt
  • Jed Fox-Martin Herdman
  • Denise Jenkins-Sarah Bull
  • Rev. Alex Deakin
  • Hillary Cullen
  • Betty Comber
  • Graham Cochrane


Starring John Nettles Jane Wymark Laura Howard John Hopkins Barry Jackson & Guest Stars Keith Barron Jemima Cooper Maggie O'Neill Susannah Wise Richard Cordery Richenda Carey & Kelly Hunter.