Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

A stag do ends in tragedy when the host of a celebratory fishing trip is found harpooned on a beach the following morning. As the boat never moved, DI Neville Parker and his team struggle to determine how anyone in attendance could have been responsible.


DI Neville Parker

DS Florence Cassell

Sgt. JP Hooper

Trainee Officer Marlon Pryce

Comm. Selwyn Patterson

Harry the Lizard

Guest Stars:

  • Hugo Pickford-Hugo Coles
  • Oliver Gordon-Buom Tihngang
  • Finlay McEwan-Lewis Reeves
  • Jamie Santisuk-Colin Ryan
  • Bruce Skip Marsden-Sean Gilder
  • Pamela Bellman-Kellie Shirley
  • Charlotte Fairfax