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Small Mercies is the 5th episode of series 12 and the 71th Episode Overall.                


In the village of Little Worthy, Bob Moss goes to open up his beloved model village to find a gruesome extra attraction. Young local Richard Tanner has been stabbed in the side and his corpse tied down like Gulliver in Lilliput. There's also the Crazy Craft race to look forward too for the villagers.


  • DCI Tom Barnaby
  • Joyce Barnaby
  • DS Ben Jones
  • WDC Gail Stephens
  • Dr. George Bullard

Guest Cast:                                            Actors & Actresses

  • Robert Moss-David Ryall
  • Edward Palfrey-Paul Bentall
  • Christa Palfrey-Matilda Sturridge
  • Anne-Marie Palfrey
  • Hilary Compton-Caroline Blakiston
  • Michael Johnson-Jesse Birdsall
  • Jackie Tanner-Sanchia McCormack
  • Richard Tanner-Jamie Treacher
  • Harriet Compton-Margaret Tyzack
  • 'Bernice'-Olivia Colman
  • Rebecca Rix-Emma Stansfield
  • Annabel Johnson-Abigail Thaw
  • Steve Dove-Ian Targett
  • Kate Dove-Michelle Butterly
  • Mary


Starring  John Nettles Jane Wyamrk Jason Hughes  Barry Jackson & Guest Stars Paul Bentall Caroline Margaret Tyzack Blakiston David Ryall Olivia Colman Abigail Thaw & Jesse Birdsall.