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1860 Ring Out Your Dead is the 1st episode of series five and the 20th episode overall.


A cute new member distracts some of the bell ringers of Midsomer Wellow from concentrating on the upcoming striking competition, but they still manage to place a group bet on a horse called Ring-A-Ding, which wins them £30,000. This combination of gambling and church bell ringing enrages some residents of the village. When one of the ringers is found in the tower, shot through the heart and clutching the ironic words "Ding Dong Bell", Barnaby is not amused.


  • DCI Tom Barnaby
  • Joyce Barnaby
  • DS Gavin Troy

Guest Cast:                                                Actors &  Actresses

  • Maisie Ebbrell/Gooch-Gemma Jones
  • Dennis Ebbrell-Harry Burton
  • Jen Ebbrell-Caroline Lintott
  • Rev. Jonathan Ebbrell
  • Peter Fogden-Adrian Scarborough
  • Gordon Fogden
  • Ray Fogden
  • Frances Le Bon-Gwen Taylor
  • Tony Le Bon
  • Liam Brooker-Seamus Whitty
  • Gregory Tutt-Dugald Bruce Lockhart
  • Susan Tutt-Clare Holman
  • Wing Commander Reginald Barton-Graham Crowden
  • Hugh Barton-Hugh Bonneville
  • Emma Tysoe/Brooker-Lyndsey Marshal
  • Marcus Steadman-Jamie De Courcey
  • Rosalind Parr-Carmen Du Sautoy
  • Angie Blunstone-Julia Swift
  • Judge-Steven Pimlott
  • BIshop Trevor Conway


Starring John Nettles Jane Wymark & Daniel Casey & Guest Stars Gemma Jones Adrian Scarborough Gwen Taylor Clare Holman Carmen Du Sautoy Graham Crowden Hugh Bonneville & Julia Swift.