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This island, it likes to trip one up, from time to time,” says Olivia Reeves, a retired actress who has lost her sight. She has also, as of the opening sequence, lost her husband – to a bullet through the heart.

Since Olivia is blind and her husband was shot from some distance away, it seems unlikely she killed him, but if not her, who? The evidence all points one way, but a way that – as we’ve come to expect – makes no sense at all.

A starstruck Neville sets to work on the puzzle but he’s working against the clock. If his doctor gives him the all-clear to fly, he can flee Saint Marie, with its heat and sand and biting insects, back to his homeland with its shade and pub quizzes. Certainly, Commissioner Patterson is keen to pack him off, but Saint Marie – it can trip you up.


DI Neville Parker-Ralf Little

DS Madeleine Dumas

Officer JP Hooper

Officer Ruby Patterson

Comm. Selwyn Patterson

Catherine Bordey

Guest Stars:

  • Olivia Reeves-Frances Tomelty
  • Robert Garwood-Peter De Jersey
  • Archie Garwood-Ukweli Roach
  • Precious Abellard-Andi Osho
  • Finlay Gerard-Jonathan Livingstone
  • Darrius Powell
  • Henry Adams


Final Appearances of Officer Ruby Patterson & DS Madeleine Dumas.