Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

When a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of Angel’s Rise’s Psychic Fayre, Barnaby must step into the spiritual world to find the killer


DCI John Barnaby

DS Jamie Winter

Dr. Fleur Perkins

Sarah Barnaby

Betty Barnaby-Mentioned

Paddy the Dog

Guest Stars:

  • Holly Willoughby
  • Jimmy Winter
  • Jeanie Saint-Stephens-Caroline Lee-Johnson
  • Peter Saint-Stephens-Clive Mantle
  • Isaac Saint-Stephens-Jordan Ford Silver
  • Bea Saint-Stephens-Jessica Whitehurst
  • Frank Mulroney-Ian Bartholomew
  • Tilly Mulroney-Erin Mullen
  • Gerard King-Colin Salmon
  • Jonas Waitfield-Cian Barry
  • Hattie K. Bainbridge-Janine Duvitski
  • Sally Ann Barker-Tracy-Ann Oberman
  • Felix Marshall-Tristan Sturrock
  • Simeon Dagley-Richard-David Caine
  • Rachel Finn-Sarah Paul
  • Ginger Thomas-Bettrys Jones


Holly Willoughby Also Makes an One-off Appearance as Herself in This Episode.