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Tamworth Springs is home to Midsomer’s very own Stitcher Society, a social and health club for recovering heart bypass patients; the name of the club was inspired by the postoperative scar running down the middle of the members’ chests. Founded four years ago by REUBEN TOOMS, the Stitcher Society is a place for people to embrace their second chance at life, a second chance which is a gift that should be embraced to the fullest. The club does this by offering lectures, counselling, fitness classes, and most importantly new challenges, anything that will ignite a passion for life again! Bamboo shinai sticks are clashing as part of their latest event day, as the club members are engaged in a kendo class. The session is going well until GIDEON (Reuben’s son) introduces the latest member – TOBY WAGNER. The group are outraged, so much so that the usually timid GEORGIE TREMAYNE threatens to kill Toby, leaping to thrust her shinai stick at his throat. Clearly not all second changes are a gift! Blood pressures are raised until Reuben steps in to calm the situation, he then surprises the members when he backs Toby’s induction, telling Georgie they can talk about all this later. The following morning, Reuben is found murdered on the village green – a sharpened shinai stick protruding from his chest. BARNABY and WINTER are called to investigate, and after being informed about the flare up at the club they interview Georgie, asking what Toby did to make himself so unpopular. Georgie explains that five years previously, Toby was arrested for the brutal murder of VIOLA DEEPDALE, Reuben’s sister-in-law. However, due to an unreliable witness the case fell apart and Toby was controversially acquitted. Georgie ran the local paper and following the collapse of the trial, publicly hounded Toby, whipping the village into a frenzy until he was hunted down by an angry mob demanding a confession, but Toby managed to escape and fled Tamworth Springs. However, now Reuben is claiming, after all these years, that Toby is innocent… and that he has proof. Barnaby and Winter question if Toby is he back to settle scores, or could someone be taking revenge for siding with Viola’s murderer? The pressure is on to find out and to discover what caused Reuben to suddenly be convinced of Toby’s innocence, before the killer has chance to strike again



DCI John Barnaby

DS Jamie Winter

Sarah Barnaby

Dr. Fleur Perkins

Paddy the Dog

Betty Barnaby-Mentioned

Guest Stars:

  • Georgie Tremayne-Harriet Thorpe
  • Mimi Wagner/Dagmar-Hannah Waddingham
  • Alberta Tooms-Lizzy McInnerny
  • Gideon Tooms-Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
  • Reuben Tooms-Silas Carson
  • Toby Wagner-Peter De Jersey
  • Julia Steinem-Nimmy March
  • Cooper Steinem-John Thomson
  • Harry Marx-Keith Allen
  • Erika Marx-Natalie Simpson
  • Mack McInally-Michael Nardone
  • Jocasta Farthing-Sirine Saba
  • Viola Deepdale