Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

Sarah Barnaby has got a part in a role play by The Midsomer Mummers, the company responsible for amateur opera. But during the rehearsals, a man is found murdered at the stage inside a treasure chest, concealed underneath the treasures. Fleur Perkins tells Barnaby and Winter that the person might have been dead for some days already when he was found.


DCI John Barnaby

DS Jamie Winter

Sarah Barnaby

Betty Barnaby

Paddy the Dog

Dr. Fleur Perkins

Guest Stars:

  • Phyllis Fernsby-Samantha Spiro
  • Lady Katisha Empson-Jane Bertish
  • Sir Huntley Empson
  • Jeremy Whittingdale-Kevin Whately
  • Phoebe Whittingdale-Tessa Wong
  • Nikki Whittingdale
  • Marcus Dunlow-Alexander Hanson
  • Luke Dunlow-Dylan Wood
  • Faith Dunlow-Jenna Russell
  • Graham Handsworth-David Rubin
  • Dr. Shaila Handsworth-Shobna Gulati
  • Derek Sharrow-Clive Rowe
  • Mr. Sharrow
  • Sandra Sharrow
  • Dr. Simon Charteris-Matthew Bose
  • Duncan the Musical Director-Ben Goddard
  • Vince Summersby