Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

A village is plagued by a spate of seemingly accidental deaths, but Miss Marple is convinced a more sinister hand is involved when a villager on her way to Scotland Yard is conveniently dispatched.


Miss Jane Marple 

Guest Cast:                       Actors & Actresses 

  • PC Terence Reed-Russell Tovey
  • Luke Fitzwilliam-Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Rev. Henry Wake-Steve Pemberton 
  • Honoria Waynflete-Shirley Henderson 
  • Leonard Waynflete-Julian Lightwing 
  • Amy Gibbs-Lyndsey Marshal
  • Florence Gibbs 
  • Dr. Edward Humbleby-Tim Brooke-Taylor 
  • Rose Humbleby-Camilla Arfwedson
  • Jessie Humbleby-Jemma Redgrave 
  • James Abbot-Hugo Speer 
  • Major Hugh Horton-David Haig 
  • Lydia Horton-Anna Chancellor
  • Dr. Geoffrey Thomas-James Lance 
  • Lavinia Enid Pinkerton-Sylvia Syms 
  • Bridget Conway-Margo Stilley
  • George Rogers-Stephen Hartley 
  • Coroner-Stephen Churchett