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During the Scarecrow Festival, Naomi Ashworth's body is discovered in the window of her shop Old Vogue Vintage Emporium. She was strangled and arranged like a puppet with garden wire attached to her wrists. Naomi also did PR for the gambling company, Ventuity. She specialised in dark PR, which is about destroying people. Her clients paid her to discredit their rivals with smear campaigns. She is married to Stephan and financed his hair salon and fitness program.

Jack Baldwin is a homeless young man who does odd jobs for the Reverend. He has convictions for theft. Naomi accused him of stealing a chalice. Stephan found the missing chalice in the back of Naomi's wardrobe. She tried to set Jack up.

Naomi's father, Reverend Hayden won the lottery, 15 million, in 2008, lives in a mansion and still expects people to raise money for his church roof. He invested in Ventuity as it was a "local" business. He was stabbed and his body was found dressed up like a scarecrow.

Samira Mallick is the Reverend Hayden's bookkeeper. Samira had been stealing funds from the Reverend to feed her gambling addiction. She saw it as "borrowing." She owed £182,000. Naomi found out and agreed that she could pay it back gradually. Lukesh Mallick is her husband and local psychologist. Naomi covered up the embezzlement because Lukesh agreed to hand over confidential medical records of his patients.

Naomi's twin sister Bryony has "difficulties" and doesn't leave the house. She hasn't been out in public for years. She suffers from panic attacks. It is revealed that Bryony had a baby years ago. Her parents told her the baby had died, but they actually gave him up for adoption. Bryony thinks Jack is her son. Of course the police have Jack's DNA on file. If they were related, it would have been flagged.

Fergus Rooney used to be reverend until the Reverend Hayden came along. Per Fergus, "One cannot preach humility with a red Jaguar in the garage."

Thea Stannard is Stephan's girlfriend. They have been together for over a year. Per Thea, they want to get married but were waiting to tell his wife, Naomi, until after their ten year anniversary in June. Turns out, Thea has the star shaped ring and had hit Naomi in the face. Later, Thea is killed with a hammer. The killer didn't try to dress her up as a scarecrow.

Rachel Taylor is the churchwarden. She is disappointed to learn that a new "permanent" churchwarden has been hired. The Reverend apparently had contacted the bishop about her and was concerned she had become too attached to him.

Adele runs the underground gambling club. The #LastTuesdayClub. High stakes, but all off the books so it could be hidden from the taxman.


DCI John Barnaby

DS Jamie Winter

Sarah Barnaby

Dr. Fleur Perkins

Betty Barnaby

Paddy the Dog

Guest Stars:

  • Rev. Oscar Hayden-Simon Shepherd
  • Bryony Hayden-Emily Bevan
  • Stephan Ashworth-Jason Wong
  • Naomi Ashworth-Emily Bevan
  • Jack Baldwin-Billy Hinchliff
  • Caitlin Dawson-Jessica Ellerby
  • Fergus Rooney-David Yip
  • Patricia Rooney
  • Thea Stannard-Holly Freeman
  • Lisa Jarrett A.K.A. Rachel Taylor-Jacqueline Boatswain
  • Leo Jarrett
  • Adele Paige-Amara Karan
  • Lukesh Mallick-Raj Bajaj
  • Samira Mallick-Goldy Notay
  • Asham Mallick-Aarav Mistry
  • Carly Mallick-Aiyarra Mistry