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Market For Murder is the 3rd episode of Series 5 and the 22nd Episode Overall. 

Wealthy stock broker Selwyn Proctor is furious when someone torches his car, but Barnaby and Troy have other things on their mind, when the elderly head of a local reading club, Marjorie Empson, is battered to death with her walking stick, whilst getting ready for bed following the club's latest meeting. It soon transpires the women of Midsomer Market's reading club were secretly investing in the stock market and had been doing well, but that two of the members were outvoted from selling their shares. When one of the members is initially suspected of the murder, but later murdered a short while after she is cleared of suspicions, Barnaby discovers the second victim was having secret affairs, leading him to believe the killer is privy to secrets within the village.


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Starring John Nettles Jane Wymark Daniel Casey & Guest Stars Serena Gordon Christopher Ravenscroft Rupert Vansittart Caroline Harker Anton Rodgers Angela Thorne Gerda Stevenson  Barbara Leigh-Hunt & Jesse Birdsall.