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Judgement Day is the 3rd episode of series 3 and the 12th episode overall. 


Joyce Barnaby has won a competition to become a judge on the "Perfect Village" panel. However, one of the villages to be judged, Midsomer Mallow, believes its chances are scuppered after local thief Peter Drinkwater is found dead with a pitchfork in his chest following a recent burglary. As he had many enemies, Barnaby and Troy, have a long investigation ahead of them, and as the competition draws ever closer, the relationships and secrets between the villagers start to unravel themselves. Things get muddier in the case when the judges of the competition start dropping dead without warning...



DCI Tom Barnaby 

Joyce Barnaby 

Cully Barnaby 

DS Gavin Troy 

Dr. Dan Peterson 

Nico Bentley 

Guest Cast:                        Actors & Actresses

  • Marcus Devere-Timothy West 
  • Annabel Weston/Bella Devere-Emily Canfor-Dumas/Hannah Gordon 
  • Caroline Devere-Chloe Tucker 
  • Peter Drinkwater-Orlando Bloom 
  • Mary Drinkwater-Barbara Jefford
  • Gordon Brierly-Richard Hope 
  • Laura Brierly-Marsha Fitzalan
  • Ray Dorset-Bill Thomas
  • Jack Dorset-Tobias Menzies
  • Samantha Johnstone-Josephine Tewson 
  • Rosemary Furman-Maggie Steed 
  • Edward Allardice-Moray Watson 
  • Frank Mannion-Nickolas Grace 
  • Jane Rochelle-Shelagh Fraser
  • Michael Weston-Richard Trinder 
  • Ruth Weston-Caroline Faber 
  • Mrs. Foster-Marlene Sidaway 
  • Dr. Mark Sellers-Robert Goodale 
  • Alex James-Dominic Childs 
  • Alderman-Malcolm Rennie 
  • James-Cassian Horowitz
  • Annabel Cross


Dr. Dan Petersons Final Episode.