Midsomer Murders Again Wiki


Adan Kotz-a worm in bud/the dagger club-2

Aden Gillett-The Silent Land/Saints & Sinners-2

Adrian Lukis-Dead In The Water/The Killing's Of Copenhagen-2

Adrian Rawlins-tainted fruit/echoes of the dead-2

Adrian Scarborough-ring out your dead picture of innocence & a dying art-3

Alexander Hanson-A Rare Bird/For Death Prepare-2

Anthony Calf-dead mans eleven/the village that rose from the dead-2

Anton Lesser-birds of prey/talking to the dead-2

Abigail McKern-destorying angel/dark secrets-2

Anna Wilson-Jones-bantling boy & death & the divas-2

Angela down/blue herrings/the creeper-2

Anna Massey-Written in blood/Secrets & Spies-2

Annabelle Apsion-Dead Man's Eleven/Death In Chorus-2


Barnaby Kay-bantling boy & written in the stars-2

Barry Aird-shot at dawn/death in the slow lane-2

Benjamin Whitrow-tainted fruit/secrets and spies-2

bill Thomas-judgement day/the magician's nephew-2

Barbara jefford-judgement day/the creeper

Barbara Young-the killings of Badger’s drift & Last year’s Model-2

Beth Goddard-a Tale of Two Hamlets/Dark Secrets-2


Charles Kay-Death In Disguise/Vixens Run-2

Christopher Mellows-dead in the water/murder of innocence-2

Clive Merrison-Painted In Blood/Habeas Corpus-2

Clive wood-blue herrings secrets and spies & wild harvest-3

Caroline Blakiston-bantling boy small mercies & the village that rose from the dead-3

Caroline Faber-judgement day/the house in the woods

Caroline Goodall-dead letters/the killings of Copenhagen-2

Caroline Langrishe-Blood on the Saddle/The Curse of the Ninth-2

Caroline Lintott-death in disguise Ring out your dead sins of commission & The Straw Woman-4

Caroline pickles-blue herrings/the made to measure murders-2

Caroline Trowbridge-last years model/picture of innocence-2

Cherie Lunghi-The Green Man/A Dying Art-2

Cheryl Campbell-beyond the grave/the Sicilian defence-2

Clare Higgins-Midsomer Rhapsody/Death in a Chocolate Box-2

Clare Holman-ring out your dead country matters & the Miniature Murders-3


Danny Webb-Dance With The Dead/The Silent Land-2

David Bamber-dead letters the black book & a dying art-3

David Burke-Midsomer rhapsody/the village that rose from the dead-2

David ross-garden of death/sauce for the goose-2

David Troughton-written in blood/the animal within-2

David Yelland-death and dust/harvest of souls-2

desmond Barrit-murder on St. Malley's day/they seek him here-2

Dominic Jephcott-Death's Shadow/four funerals & wedding-2

Dominic Mafham-death of a stranger/not in my back yard

Debbie chazen-strangler's wood/Midsomer life-2

Deborah Findlay-blue herrings/murder by magic-2

Denise black-painted in blood/the night of the stag-2

Denyse Alexander-death of a hollow man/blood wedding-2

Diana Quick-dead in the water/habeas corpus


Eamon Geoghegan-market for murder/painted in blood-2

Edward Clayton-birds of prey/echoes of the dead-2

Eleanor Bron-The Dark Rider & The Miniature Murders-2

ellie Haddington-tainted fruit/death of the small Coppers-2

Elizabeth Spriggs-the killings of Badger’s Drift & Dead Letters-2

Emma Cunniffe-Blood Wedding/Habeas Corpus-2

Emily Joyce-a worm in the bud/the Christmas hunting-2

Esther Hall-Bad Tidings/Last Man Out-2


Frances Barber-Master Class/Crime and Punishment-2

Francis Lee-blood will out/the house in the woods-2

felicity dean-dead mans eleven/dance with the dead-2


Graham Seed-Shot at Dawn/The Dogleg Murders-2

Greg Sheffield-the house in the woods/the oblong murders-2

Geoffrey Hutchings-death of a hollow man/The Dogleg Murders-2

Geoffrey Whitehead-Second Sight & The Flying Club-2

Gabrielle Lloyd-who killed cock robin the silent land & saints and sinners-3

Georgine Anderson-blue herrings/dance with the dead-2


Hugh Ross-the dogleg murders/a sacred trust-2

Harriet Thorpe-Dance with the Dead & the Stitcher Society-2

Harriet Walter-Orchis Fatalis/Death and The Divas-2

Haydn Gwynne-ghosts of Christmas past/dark secrets-2


Ian Peck-a talent for life picture of innocence & the night of the stag-3


Jack Crutch-the house in the woods/the oblong murders-2

James Fleet-A Sauce for the Goose/The Curse of the ninth-2

Janine Duvitski-Death of a Hollow Man & The Witches of Angel’s Rise-2

Jeff Rawle-a talent for life/dark secrets-2

Jesse Birdsall-market for murder/small mercies-2

John Carter-death of a hollow man/the animal within-2

John Lightbody-Hidden Depths/Death and Dust-2

John Shrapnel-Written In Blood/Death In Chorus-2

John standing-bad tidings/the dogleg murders-2

john Woodvine-the electric vendetta/the oblong murders-2

Jon Rake-destroying angel death & dreams & last year's model-3

Jonathan Hackett-who killed cock robin/the straw woman-2

Julian Wadham-Death's Shadow/The Creeper-2

Janet Maw-murder on St. Malley's day/birds of prey-2

Jessica turner-death's shadow/a sacred trust-2

Joanna David-Written In Blood & A Sacred Trust-2

Judy Parfitt-death's shadow/days of misrule-2

June Whitfield-Midsomer Rhapsody/The Flying Club-2


Kevin Doyle-Ghosts of Christmas Past/The Oblong Murders-2

Kevin McNally-blood will out/The Noble Art-2

Katy Brittain-stranglers wood/the house in the woods-2


Linda Marlowe-who killed cock robin/not in my back yard-2

Lizzy McInnerny-Sauce for the Goose & The Stitcher Society-2


Malcolm Raeburn

Malcolm Sinclair-beyond the grave shot at dawn & saints and sinners-3

Malcolm Storry-who killed cock robin/blood on the saddle-2

Mark Umbers-sins of commission/blood wedding-2

Matthew Flynn-hidden depths/left for dead-2

Matthew Marsh-painted in blood/they seek him here-2

Michael Fitzgerald-death in chorus/the magicians nephew-2

Michael Maloney-master class/the lions of causton-2

Miles Anderson-death in disguise/last years model-2

miles Richardson-tainted fruit country matters & fit for murder-3

Morris Perry-dark autumn/king's crystal-2

Maggie Ollerenshaw-country matters/the dogleg murders-2

Maggie O'Neill-The Straw Woman/The Curse of The Ninth-2

Maggie steed-judgement day left for dead & Schooled in murder-3

Marcia Warren-Death in a Chocolate Box/The Lions of Causton-2

Margaret Tyzack-garden of death/small mercies-2

Marion McLoughlin-dark autumn/they seek him here-2

Marlene Sidaway-Mrs. Bundy/Mrs. Foster

Marty Cruickshank-Orchis Fatalis/Crime & Punishment-2

Mary Healey-death in disguise/Midsomer life-2


Neil Dudgeon-Daniel bolt in garden of death & Currently DCI John Barnaby.

Neil Stuke-Secrets & Spies/Send in the Clowns-2

Nicholas grace-judgement day/the creeper

Nicholas Jones-The Made To Measure Murders/The Killing's of Copenhagen-2

Nicholas Le Prevost-death of a hollow man/the dogleg murders-2

Nicholas Rowe-the fisher king/the Sicilian defence-2

Nick Farrell-stranglers wood/drawing dead-2

Nicky Henson-Dark Autumn/They Seek Him Here-2

Nigel Harrison-the electric vendetta/death in a chocolate box-2

Noah Huntley-who killed cock robin/The Sleeper Under The Hill-2

Nadia Cameron-Blakey-master class/the Christmas haunting-2

Nancy Carroll-hidden depths/the great and the good-2


Paul Chapman-faithful unto death/the great and the good-2

Paul jesson-blood will out/talking to the dead-2

Paul Shelley-CC Richard Lovell in the creeper & Walter Oswood in the Death by Persuasion-2

Patrick Drury-who killed Cock Robin/death in chorus-2

Peter Egan-Not in my Back Yard/Death of the Small Coppers-2

Peter Eyre-strangler's wood/picture of innocence-2

Peter Hugo-Daly-The Maid In Splendour/The Dogleg Murders-2

Philip bird-hidden depths/crime and punishment-2

Philip Martin Brown-things that go bump in the night/days of misrule-2

Phyllida Law-blood will out/dark secrets-2

Pip Torrens-Blood on the Saddle/The Flying Club-2

Polly Hemmingway-who killed cock robin/down among the dead men-2


Richard Cant the killings of Badger‘ drift & Dead Letters-2

Richard Cordery-the straw woman the made to measure murders & the killings of Copenhagen-3

Richard Graham-Talking to the Dead/Breaking The Chain-2

Richard Hope-judgement day/they seek him here-2

Richard Johnson-death of a stranger/the animal within-2

Richard Trinder-judgement day/the house in the woods

Robert Daws-hidden depths/the curse of the ninth-2

Ronald Pickup-A Tale of Two Hamlets/The Magicians Nephew-2

Rupert Vansittart-market for murder the axeman cometh & the dogleg murders-3

Rebecca Charles-stranglers wood and hidden depths-2

Rebecca Johnson-a tale of two hamlets/vixens run-2

Rosalind Knight-birds of prey/a sacred trust-2

Rosie Cavaliero-A Worm In The Bud/A Vintage Murder-2

Ruth Gemmell-the house in the woods/a vintage murder-2


Samuel West-the animal within/death by persuasion-2

Simon Callow-Dead Letters/The Curse of the Ninth-2

Simon chandler-garden of death/the glitch-2

Simon Kunz-Bantling Boy/The Dagger Club-2

Samantha bond-destroying angel shot at dawn & death in the slow lane-3

Sara Stewart-death in chorus/the flying club-2

Sarah Badell-death of a hollow man/the black book-2

Saskia Reeves-The Sword of Guillaume/a Dying Art-2

Selina Cadell-the killings of badgers drift/Midsomer life-2

Serena Gordon-Market For Murder/Midsomer Life-2

Siobhan Redmond-Last Year's Model & The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy-2

Sophie Stanton-faithful unto death/the oblong murders-2

Stuart Milligan-Country Matters/Happy Families-2

Susan Engel-Sins of Commission/Death In The Slow Lane-2

Susan Tracy-Death in disguise/King's Crystal-2

Suzanne Burden-a talent for life/the great and the good-2

Sylvestra Le Touzel-beyond the grave/master class-2


Tony Haygarth-Destroying angel king's crystal & A Rare Bird-3

tom beard-murder on St. Malley's day/days of misrule-2

Tessa Peake-Jones-faithful unto death/breaking the chain-2

Tilly Blackwood-death in disguise/The Axeman Cometh-2


Una Stubbs-written in blood/the dagger club-2


Victoria Lennox-woman in audience in things that go bump in night Mrs. Maitland in Orchis Fatalis Doris Maple in 2 Episodes then Ghost Walk Tourist in The Silent Land.

Victoria Wicks-sins of commission/talking to the dead-2


William Gaunt-the maid in splendour/the dark rider-2

will Knightley-a talent for life/the oblong murders-2