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Days Of Misrule is the 6th episode of series ten and the 65th episode Overall.

Barnaby and Jones are forced to take part in a team building exercise and Tom has problems with the young new acting Chief Superintendent John Cotton Following an explosion in a truck, a body is soon discovered. It belongs to Alec Grainger, who had been seen arguing with James Parkes , the son of Colonel Matt Parkes . James appears to be involved in shady business deals and is blamed by his grandmother Caroline Halsey  – and others – for the suicide of a woman he got pregnant two years before. Barnaby and Jones find themselves delving into a mixture of fraud, smuggling, and lies, trying to piece together the truth.


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Starring John Nettles Jane Wymark Jason Hughes Barry Jackson & Guest Stars Tim Pigott-Smith Joseph Millson Tom Beard Niamh Cusack Philip Martin Brown & Judy Parfitt-THIS is also CS John Cotton's first episode.