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Birds Of Prey is the 5th episode of series six and the 28th Episode Overall             



When an investor in a millionaire's latest scheme becomes desperate to get his money out, and then is found dead in a lake, it raises the question of whether he killed himself or someone else did it for him. While Barnaby investigates that death, Troy is tramping around the woods with an attractive wildlife liaison officer looking into the theft of protected bird eggs. Barnaby's wife is interested in wildlife, too – dreaming of an African safari.


  • DCI Tom Barnaby
  • Joyce Barnaby
  • Cully Barnaby
  • DS Gavin Troy
  • PC Kevin Angel
  • Dr. George Bullard
  • Justin Pickard-Nicholas Pritchard
  • Vicar

Guest Cast:                                                Actors & Actresses

  • Major George Hamilton-David Calder
  • Eileen Hamilton-Janet Maw
  • Mallory Edmonton-Kate Buffery
  • Charles Edmonton-Richard Todd
  • Dr. Naomi Sinclair-Alexandra Gilbreath
  • Jane MacPherson-Sheila Shand Gibbs
  • Eleanor MacPherson-Rosalind Knight
  • PC Sarah Pearce-Candida Benson
  • Eddie Darwin-Anton Lesser
  • Sean Moorcroft-Trevor Cooper
  • Maisie Cullen-Jemma Churchill
  • Dr. James Robertshaw-Harry Gostelow
  • Vernon Surtees-Bernard Gallagher
  • Hilary Carlton-Kenneth Gilbert
  • Julian Shepherd-Robert Morgan
  • Mr. Pilger-Edward Clayton
  • Thames Valley Constable-Tim Treloar


-This Is PC Kevin Angel's Last Episode and Justin Pickard the solicitor appears in Death & Dust later on and the vicar Guest Stars Kate Buffery Richard Todd Alexandra Gilbreath David Calder Janet Maw Sheila Shand Gibbs Rosalind Knight & Anton Lesser. 

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