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Chrissie keeps Lachlan off school when he complains of feeling sick. Sam andRachel break the news to Samson and Archie that they are together again. Valfeels under the weather and gives Eric a list of jobs to carry out at the B&Bbefore the judges arrive. Rodney informs Nicola he's leaving for Spain tomorrow to go on a tour of Europe with an old friend. Eric carries out the jobs around The Grange himself rather than spending money on calling someone in. He unknowingly cracks a water pipe in the process. Tracy comes up with a plan to get Sam back and asks Val to sack her. The police arrive at Home Farm and arrest Lachlan for sexual assault to Chrissie and Lawrence's horror. Lachlan tells them that Alicia has been his girlfriend for weeks. David realises that Lachlan was likely responsible for the car breaking down yesterday while Alicia prepares herself to tell Jacob. Val sacks Tracy from the B&B. Megan struggles to adjust asJai prepares to spend time with Archie but promises him she'll make it work. David breaks the news to Val and Eric about Lachlan's assault on Alicia and asks them to keep it quiet. Nicola prepares a celebration for Jimmy's 50th birthday tomorrow. David overhears that Lachlan has been arrested. Lachlan is interviewed at the police station. He tells them that Alicia wanted him to touch her. Val, Eric and Finn get a soaking as water bursts through the ceiling above them at the B&B. Tracy arrives at Wishing Well and tells Sam that she's lost her job. She pushes him into allowing her to stay to Rachel's disbelief. Lachlan tells Chrissie he doesn't understand why Alicia is lying. Chrissie is disgusted with Alicia


Zak Dingle 

Sam Dingle 

Samson Dingle 

Chrissie Sugden 

Eric Pollard 

Val Pollard 

​David metcalfe 

Alicia Metcalfe 

Rodney Blackstock 

Jimmy King 

Nicola King 

Leyla Harding 

Finn Barton 

Jai Sharma 

​Megan sharma 

Rachel Breckle 

Archie Breckle 

Ruby Haswell 

Lawrence White 

Lachlan White 

Tracy Shankley 

D.C. Norton 

D.C. Bright