Midsomer Murders Again Wiki

Carly is shocked when her recently jilted fiance Sunil turns up in a flash car demanding money - and Ross soon spots an opportunity. Meanwhile, Robert tries and fails to get Aaron to open up, leaving him in need of a new strategy. Emma and Val worry about Finn's new relationship with Darren, and Nicola is stunned by what Jimmy has done to stop her taking Angel. Could this be the end of their marriage?


Bob Hope.

Finn Barton 

Victoria Sugden  


Carly Hope.

Emma Barton 

Aaron Livesy 

Jimmy King 

Nicola King 

Adam Barton 

Robert Sugden 

Edna Birch 

Paddy Kirk 

Pearl Ladderbanks 

Rhona Goskirk 

Ross Barton 

Val Pollard 

Bernice blackstock 

Rakesh Kotecha 

Sunil Malla-Alton Letto