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Eric urges David to get a solicitor as David breaks the news to JacobLawrenceurges Chrissie to call the police on David, but she wants to speak to Alicia. Lawrence warns her against this. Laurel is hungover on Marlon's birthday. Rhonais forced to agree to pay £5000 for the equine centre if they have a chance of being successful. Vanessa tells a shocked Paddy about her lump. She suggests checking whether Pearl accidentally paid the missing money into her own account. Jimmy is down over leaving the village for Dubai. Chrissie goes to see Alicia and asks her to explain exactly what happened with the assault. Laurel confronts Doug when she discovers the marked bottles. He accuses her of having a drink problem and she retaliates by telling him she wants him to move out. With the support of David, Alicia finally gets her chance to tell Chrissie everything that happened that afternoon. After hearing her words, an emotional Chrissie runs out. Doug tries to persuade Laurel to tell Marlon but she threatens to never let him see his grandchildren again if he does. She tells him to move out and tell people that he left to get his own space. Pearl is nervous when Paddy tries to check the bank accounts. Lachlan is thrown when Chrissie confronts him over Alicia. Bob is chuffed to discover Carly might be sticking around. Doug turns up at the pub and asks Diane if he can stay with her. Rhona questions Pearl on why she's in debt but Pearl begins to get distressed. Vanessa decides that they may as well drop the plans to buy the business. Lachlan continues to lie, but Chrissie says she has spoken to Alicia and is crushed by Lachlan's lack of remorse. Laurel is edgy when Marlon arrives home but perks up after Rhona suggests a drink. Chrissie calls the police on LachlanCharacters: 

Marlon Dingle 


Diane Sugden.

Chrissie Sugden 

Eric Pollard.

David Metcalfe.

Alicia Metcalfe 

Jacob Gallagher.

Paddy Kirk 

Doug Potts.

Arthur Thomas 

Bob Hope 

Carly Hope

April Windsor 

Pearl Ladderbanks 

Rhona Goskirk 

Jimmy. King 



Emma Barton 

Ross Barton 

Vanessa Woodfield 

Lawrence White 

Lachlan White 

D.C. Norton